What to do with older cat?

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I'm going to try to summarize as much as I can. But basically, the cat isn't mine but my aunt's who doesnt take care of the poor guy. At the least, before when my grandfather was still alive, she would let him live inside and feed and groom him. My grandfather died in 2016 and since then my grandparents home has been in shambles because of my aunt's inability to take care of it or her pets.

What infuriates me most is that while she forced her older cat outside, she adopted two new kittens to keep inside. Now I am only able to visit every weekend, where I do my best to take care of him during that time span, but it's gotten to the point that there are clear health problems that he's exhibiting, such as dental degradation. I cannot afford to have a pet nor know anyone that can house another, and I really dont want him to die in vain. I've tried bringing up multiple times that he needs better care, but my aunt refuses to listen and instead proposed euthanization that she would have done if not for the cost. I just really dont know what to do right now.

Do no kill shelters accept sick elderly cats or adoption organizations? Hes been with the family for nearly 10 years, and I remember growing up with him. It just really hurts me to see him like this.


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