Weekly Health Quiz: Dehydration, Light Bulbs and CBD

Break the routine with the 7daymeal plan

1 The following type of blade has been shown to significantly delay browning of produce such as apples and avocado:

Serrated blades
Steel blades
Tanto blade
Ceramic blades

Ceramic knives are chemically inert, and said to slow the browning process. Ceramic blades are best for slicing fruit, vegetables and boneless meat, but should not be used on frozen foods, meat with bones or cheese. Learn more.

2 The most comprehensive global strategy to minimize pollution and related environmental destruction would be:


Implementation of regenerative agriculture and biodynamic farming

Most growing environmental problems can be traced back to modern food production, including air, water and soil pollution. Regenerative and biodynamic farming address and resolve all of these environmental problems, and would be the most comprehensive strategy to minimize pollution. Learn more.

Taxing or fining polluting industries such as the oil and paper industries
Drastically reducing meat consumption
Reducing use of synthetic fertilizers in agriculture

3 LED light bulbs harm health primarily by:

Increasing melatonin production
Increasing cellular damage and decreasing cellular repair and regeneration

LEDs emit blue light that generates high amounts of reactive oxygen species and oxidative stress, and are devoid of near-infrared light that would help counteract some of that damage. When using LEDs, you end up with increased cellular damage and decreased repair and regeneration. Learn more.

Increasing cellular energy production
Emitting heat in the form of near-infrared light

4 To activate your parasympathetic nervous system and induce relaxation and calm, you’ll want your breath to be:

Quick and shallow
Rapid and deep
Slow and light

Breathing less is a sign of better health. To activate your parasympathetic nervous system and induce relaxation, you’ll want to breathe slowly and lightly, such that the hairs in your nostrils do not move. Learn more.

Longer on the in breath than on the out breath

5 The following beverage has been shown to cause dehydration and raise your risk of acute kidney injury when consumed after performing manual labor or exercise in hot weather:

Tea with milk
Iced black coffee

Recent research demonstrates the acute deleterious effects soda can have on your kidney function when used to quench your thirst during exertion on a hot day. Drinking soda causes dehydration and raises markers for kidney disease when consumed after performing manual labor or exercise in 95-degree F. weather. Learn more.

6 The following statement about CBD (Cannabidiol) is true:

Has many health benefits

There are many medical benefits to cannabis and CBD (cannabidiol) and they are increasingly recognized by the scientific community. Learn more.

Cannabidiol produces a marijuana “high” from THC
Is no safer than opioid pain killers
Is not available legally in any state

7 When evaluating your blood tests, what is the most important fact to understand about how to interpret your results?

Be in the middle of your laboratory reference range to be healthy
Identify an evidence-based set of optimal reference ranges and evaluate based on those ranges

When evaluating your blood tests, you’ll want to identify an evidence-based set of optimal reference ranges and not simply go by the “normal” laboratory reference ranges. Learn more.

Be in the upper standard deviation of the reference range
Be in the lower standard deviation of the reference range

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