The founder of a top Silicon Valley startup got interrupted during a board meeting when he showed a slide of 5 new women hires, and it offers a lesson to other companies

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Heidi Roizen, a partner at Silicon Valley venture capital firm DFJ, had to stop a board meeting with cultured meat startup Memphis Meats when the founder showed a slide of five recent hires, all of whom were women.
That kind of commitment to inclusion is rare in Silicon Valley
At Memphis Meats, more than half of the company’s team identify as women; 40% of them are in leadership roles.

The moment Heidi Roizen knew she’d backed the right startup happened in the middle of a board room meeting. After 20 years working as a venture capitalist, she had never seen a slide like the one presented to her by Uma Valeti, the founder of cultured meat startup Memphis Meats.

Before her were photos of five of the company’s most recent hires — all of whom were scientists or managers by training, and all of whom also happened to be women.See the rest of the story at Business Insider


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