Kashi Seven Grain with Quinoa Bars

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When a craving for the sweetness of honey or chocolate hits, Kashi Seven Grain with Quinoa Bars bars have you covered. Offering two yummy flavours, Honey Oat Flax and Chocolate Chip Chia, the bars were a hit with our parent testers, who enjoyed the taste and crunchy texture. Most importantly, the kids who tried the Kashi 7 Grain with Quinoa bars really liked them, too.

To help understand the nutritional information of each granola bar tested, our editors consulted registered dietitian Cara Rosenbloom, who conducted a blind analysis (no labels or brand names were provided). Basing her feedback on a 30-gram serving size, Kashi Seven Grain with Quinoa Bars came in on the lower range when it came to sugar content, and had average levels of protein, fat and fibre. We gave the bars full marks for their whole grains and common ingredients you could find in your own kitchen.

A good middle-of-the-road granola bar. The ingredient list is something you can feel quite confident in, they taste great, and they don’t break the bank.” —Katie, mom of two

Sometimes locating a product’s nutrition and ingredient listing can be cause for eye strain, but our parent testers reported they had an easy time finding and understanding the packaging details. Kashi’s wholesome ingredients won’t leave you guessing, as they are easy to identify and pronounce—and create a recipe for a yummy granola bar you can feel good about throwing into your child’s lunchbox. These bars aren’t easily squashed, and can hold their own when tossed in the bottom of any bag. When it came to packaging, half of our parent testers noted their kids had a tough time opening the wrapper. One parent mentioned the granola bar broke into pieces when her child opened it. (The wrapper has a little indent that you rip from, rather than tearing down the centre of the packaging.) The tear isn’t very big, and our editors found you have to work to get it open. But overall, parents felt these Kashi bars were easy to eat, didn’t get stuck in teeth (with the exception of flax seeds as one parent tester pointed out) and weren’t too chewy.


Kashi Seven Grain with Quinoa Bars deliver the perfect amount of sweetness to satisfy a sweet tooth without the excess amount of sugar that’ll leave your kids buzzing. Editors enjoyed the taste of both flavours, finding the Honey Oat Flax reminiscent of a crunchy oatmeal cookie (a bit plain but perfect for picky eaters). There are also no large chunks for your kid to pick out as the crunchy texture is uniform. As for the Chocolate Chip Chia flavour, editors liked its similar texture and taste, comparing it to honey graham crackers. Parents were big fans of the flavours too, were satisfied with the serving size and would definitely want to dig into these snack bars themselves, making Kashi Seven Grain with Quinoa Bars a great lunchbox staple for the whole family.

I was afraid my kids might not like the texture or taste of these bars, but they actually liked them a lot. They taste great, and have quinoa—yay!” —Amanda, mom of three


The majority of parent testers were impressed with Kashi Seven Grain with Quinoa Bars, especially when it came to ingredient quality, ease of use and value for money. They all said they’d opt for this Kashi variety next time their granola bar stock was running low, and they’d recommend them to other families. Parents were happy with the amount of protein, fibre and sugar in each bar, and based on the ingredients, felt good about serving them to their kids. Whether you’re combing the cupboards for a quick, yummy snack or wanting to serve your child a sweet alternative to a cookie, Kashi Seven Grain with Quinoa Bars are a great grocery store go-to that both you and your kids will love.

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