Just got suspended from my gym. Was I in the wrong here?

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I recently got a call from a manager of my climbing gym and was told that I was not allowed back for up to a year. He told me because it was because members said that It was an odd dynamic that a 10 year old girl and I were belaying each other. She's on their youth team and is an extremely competent climber and we were both using the auto-belays. As I would with anyone else, regardless of age or gender, asked her if she'd like to top rope on the other side and wanted a climbing partner. We climbed for about an hour before her team practice started. We had fun, talked a bit about our starts and climbing etc, and it was fine. We said goodbye and that was it.

The next day I got a call a from the manager and was told that some members and coaches thought it was inappropriate that I (early 20s male) was climbing with a younger female so I was asked not to return for sometime. Im not sure if I was in the wrong here.

a few other things to note

I work at another climbing gym and work with kids new to climbing all the time. I understand that there is a weight difference but she was competent and we were using a grigri. and Im not much heavier than she is. Maybe 25kg more? Her personal coach came by, talked to her for a bit and didn't seem to have a problem with anything we were doing and didn't say anything to me. I didn't touch her or make any inappropriate insinuations or comments. Her parents weren't around according to her. Was told on the phone that they don't allow members under the age of 14 to belay people. Okay than why did no one stop her in the hour that we were climbing?


Was I in the wrong here? Lowkey want to message her coach and see exactly what she thinks about the situation.

Edit: ya'll are a reasonable group. Rational too. I like you guys. I think I stay here.

Edit: more info – I was told that i was banned because some members thought it was inappropriate and uncomfortable to see a dude in his 20s belaying a girl who happens to be 10. There was no mention of safety precautions as this would likely defeat the purpose of belay cards. In my mind, I saw one member who didn't have a partner and wanted one. And thats it. I did not specifically choose her due to her gender and age. Of course you're all right, I should have taken into account that she was a child and should have asked permission from someone.

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