I QUIT! M/27/5’11” [290 > 166.2 = 123.8 Lbs. lost]

Break the routine with the 7daymeal plan

I last posted in the fall, when I had just crossed the 100 lbs. lost point. I've continued to lose since then, but it's been difficult, as I have to eat less and less to continue to lose weight. As I have gradually approached the 1500 calorie per day point, I find junk food binges becoming more frequent, with two or more massive cheat days happening every week. Today I have reached 166.2 pounds, which is a respectable weight well within the healthy BMI range. Now I'm excited to gradually begin eating at maintenance, start building muscle, and seeing faster progress at the gym. Now for the pictures; that's my favorite part of these posts!

For those who enjoy data, here is my progress from LoseIt.

I've been big since early high school, so here's teenage me. Here are some full body photos from two years ago, last fall (those jeans are too loose now), and the last few weeks (That's three links). If you look closely you can see my understanding of fashion improve as I start to fit into more clothes that I like.

Face progress: 6 years ago, 2 years ago, today


Shirtless photos (my online debut): 2 years ago, today, profile

I've enjoyed watching r/loseit for encouragement and staving off boredom-induced hunger. I hope this post can do the same for some of you. I'll probably keep lurking, but expect to see me in r/Fitness and related subreddits as time goes on. Tomorrow I will begin feasting on the fish, chicken, lentils, and a mess of mustard greens I just bought at the grocery store tonight.

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