Ever wondered why Mansions have SO MANY Bathrooms? Here’s why…

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Ever wondered why mansions have SO MANY more bathrooms than bedrooms? Do wealthy people use bathrooms more than the rest of us, or is there actually a reason behind this? Here’s why. Add me on Instagram: GPStephan
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The first reason why these homes have so many bathrooms is for future re-sale value. If a large home has a study, office, or other large room with a bathroom in it – it becomes MUCH easier for a future buyer to potentially use that room as a bedroom in the future. It also becomes that much easier to turn that re-purposed bedroom back into its original use if you no longer needed it as a bedroom.


You’ll also find that, in larger homes, the largest bedrooms have separate, dual bathrooms – for example, the master bedroom might have two bathrooms. Then, add to the fact that many of these 20,000 square foot homes have several master suites throughout the home – and each of those suites have 2 additional bathrooms…the bathroom count starts adding up very quickly.

But beyond that, the bathroom count of a mansion really has more to do with the size of the property – not with the number of bedrooms it has. In large homes, typically over 10,000 square feet, if you need to use the bathroom, it should be located in a convenient to reach location. So for this reason, bathrooms tend to be placed strategically around the home to accommodate whenever the moment strikes.

And when it comes to bathroom placement, bathrooms are typically built in the areas where you’re likely to spend the most amount of time – such as nearby the living room, nearby the kitchen, nearby the pool, or nearby any bonus or media rooms. That way a bathroom is always within a short distance when you need it the most.

In addition to that, you’ll typically have all other rooms containing their own bathroom – such as a gym, basketball court, cabana, media room, or whatever else you can think of. And in most fine estates, pools almost always have their own dedicated bathrooms.

And the bathrooms don’t stop there – most large estates employ staff. They have gardeners, house managers, house cleaners, and pool keepers…and, you guessed it, those people all need bathrooms. So to accommodate this, homes of a large magnitude will typically have a separate staff quarters with their own bathrooms, as well.

And finally, owners of large homes typically host lots of events – and when you host events, you don’t want the guests to have to walk into a bedroom or media room to use a bathroom, and you also don’t want them waiting in line for the only bathroom on the main entertaining level. So in order to prevent this ahead of time, several bathrooms are typically placed throughout the main levels which are used for entertaining.

And that’s why mansion have so many bedrooms, it’s done this way for convenience, future resale value, and added privacy for both the guests and residents.

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