9 tips for following the keto diet without going broke

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When you think of the keto diet, typical foods that come to mind probably include steak, chicken, fatty fish such as salmon, and even bacon

Buying these foods can quickly get expensive. But if you’ve decided that the keto diet is right for you, there are ways to do it without breaking the bank.


“The keto diet can definitely be done on a budget, although it’s always best to keep in mind that from a nutritional perspective you should always favor quality over quantity,” Angela Mavridis, holistic nutritionist and founder of keto brand TRIBALÍ Foods, told INSIDER. 

She added that if you’re not mindful of quality and give in to eating processed cheese, low-quality meats, or foods full of additives and preservatives, it could counterbalance the ketones in your bloodstream and sabotage your diet

Here are nine ways to save money while doing the ketogenic diet, from shopping locally to buying whole chickens rather than individual parts. 

1. Shop locally. Shutterstock/Rawpixel.com

“Buy direct from the farmer, either by visiting local farms or farmers’ markets,” nutritionist Sandra Greenbank told INSIDER.

Local farmers’ markets tend to be the best place to find produce, and local farms are your best bet for your meat, eggs, and dairy, Mavridis said.

“Many of these farms will sell you lard and tallow to cook with,” she added. 

2. Buy in bulk. Getty Images/William Thomas Cain

Buying in bulk is key to doing the keto diet on a budget, Mavridis told INSIDER, especially when it comes to meat.

“You can always partner with other family or friends to do a cow share and maybe invest in an additional freezer in your garage,” she said.

Greenbank added that you can save money by getting your nuts, seeds, and coconut oil in bulk from health food stores online.

3. Stock up on eggs. Shutterstock

“Eggs are a great value protein food which can be added to so many recipes,” Greenbank said.

Making hard-boiled eggs to eat in the morning or throw in salad is a great way to get your protein for less money.

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